Specialist CNC machine tools for highly specialised manufacturing, designed for precision and perfection.

Created in 1952, Recomatic machines have since become the standard for quality grinding, polishing and finishing for delicate and highly specialised applications.

Worldwide leader in CNC machine tool solutions for high polishing quality and surface shine.

Bula Technologie has been revolutionising the fields of aesthetic and technical finishing for almost 70 years, pioneering its renowned rotating table and developing unrivalled CNC machine tools.

Electropolishing machines for surface finishing complex metal shapes and parts, suitable for a wide range of specialised applications.

DLyte and Murua machines are capable of post-processing a variety of metals and alloys with complex shapes to the highest of standards, and are available in partnership with Swis. Suitable for a range of sizes, geometries, and scales, their innovative dry and liquid electropolishing technologies provide a superior surface finish.

Ciposa develop specialised assembly equipment that can handle even the smallest of components with high levels of speed and control. Capable of being scaled to different requirements, Ciposa’s innovative modular designs ensure multidisciplinary precision.

From manual bench to fully automated assembly line for the Medtech/Pharma and Precision Engineering industries, Ciposa have been providing equipment of unparalleled precision since 1966.


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